The band was established on the 20th day of February 2003 at the Old Krobo I and II Primary School block. Ten (10) members of who eight (8) were female and two (2) were male.

Mr. Richard Amnor happens to be the first Singing Band Master who led us through most of the old songs. Later when the members increased, other singing masters from their locals also helped.

Not too long, the district prepared us and inaugurated us into the District on 27th day of July 2003 and the following were the first elected executives:

President                   –                Mr. J. S. Adjetey

President Vice             –                  Mr. Micheal Ashitey Amarh

Secretary                   –                Mrs. Gladys Charway

Assist. Secretary      –                Mrs. Henrietta Quaye

Fin. Secretary            –                Ms. Vida Adjeley Sowah

Treasurer                   –                Ms. Patience Korley

Mother                       –                 Mad. Comfort Ahia

Chaplain                    –                Mad. Bernice A. Adjetey

Male Organizer         –                 Mr. Michael K. Adotey

Female Organizer     –                Ms. Rebecca Badu

After the inauguration, the District formed a Task Force under the chairmanship of Mr. Joseph Sowah Adjetey and Mr. Michael Ashitey Amarh as Assistant Music Master.

The executive started its work with the zeal in other to make the band interesting and inviting. We had our meetings on Monday and Thursday as well as District Meetings.

Current executives

President                       –            Mrs. Rebecca M Amon Mr.

Vice President               –            Godwin Nartey

Secretary                       –             Mad. Georgiette N. Okantey

Secretary Assist.            –           Ms. Rebecca Badu

Secretary Fin.                –            Ms. Vida Sowah

Treasurer                        –            Mrs. Helena Adjei

Mother                            –            Mad. Emelia Klu

Assist. Mother                –           Mrs. Beatrice 0 Adjetey

Male Organizer              –            Mr. Ebenezer A. Adjetey

Female Organizer          –            Mrs. Cecilia K. Brown

Chaplain                        –             Mr. Allotey Nii Adotei


1st Male                          –              Mr. Joseph Sowah Adjetey

2nd                                  –             Mr. Michael Ashitey Amarh

3rd                                  –              Mr. Michael Kpakpo Adotey

1st Female                      –             Mad. Theodora Akweley Amon