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Nii Jorn counseling started with a vision to provide professional counseling from a gospel-centered perspective, to pursue the renewal of our church and community through mental health and a biblical concept of advice.

About Nii Jorn Counseling

Our desire has always been to create a context in which every person coming through our church will find a safe and loving place to explore their story & experience hope and healing in Christ. God has graciously allowed us to not only serve our brethren, but to also provide counseling to anyone outside the church. You are warmly welcomed.

Our growing staff of gifted counselors provides care addressing a wide spectrum of issues from sexual abuse, anxiety, relationship and marital issues to adoption and family care. We have the joy of serving hundreds of individuals, couples and families in the church as well as many who are seeking Godly advice.

Our Approach

Our counselors look at every aspect through the framework of the story of God as revealed in the Bible – that man is made in God’s image and therefore has profound beauty as well as deep brokenness. And, for true and lasting change to take place we must look at both soul and body. The reality that we live in a broken and fallen world with other wounded, broken people, creates suffering and pain in our lives. Therefore, our counseling seeks to not only address the present issues and suffering common to man but explore the complex and largely hidden desires of the soul. God is in the business of restoring and renewing all things and we believe no person is beyond his redemption and grace.

Individual Counseling

For adults, adolescents and children

Couple & Marriage Counseling

For dating, engaged and married couples.

Family Counseling

Including crisis counseling, parenting issues, family functioning, and marital dynamics where they affect the family dynamic.

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Including play and art therapy for children to assist them in managing their emotions and thoughts when dealing with problems.
We believe parents are the primary caregiver and agent of healing for their child; therefore, we encourage them to participate in the counseling process as needed.

Group Counseling

Six to ten individuals who meet in a safe and supportive environment with a trained counselor surrounding a particular issue. Please contact us to find out about groups counseling.


Our counselors have years of experience providing professional counseling for everyone. They are well experienced in coaching you through different life challenges, from love and relationships, career, self-growth, maintaining a happy life and more. They will remain objective and nonjudgmental to provide the clarity and guidance you need in your counseling session.

Do You Have Any Concerns?

Considering counseling as an option for help can often be overwhelming. We understand the potential anxieties of getting started in this process. We want to make that as simple as possible. Our counseling team is committed to doing our best to answer any questions you may have. We are here to serve you, and pray God will guide you in the ever-important task of finding a counselor suitable for your needs. We offer an inviting atmosphere where we hope you find the space to experience healing and hope. If you’re having any concerns, please take some time to learn more about us.


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Counseling Base on your time

We offer sessions as short as 15 minutes and as long as an hour depending on what will best suit you, your time and your day.

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