The Church Choir started as a Junior Youth Choir. It was started by the leadership of the church with the vision of grooming it into a full Church Choir. It started with the membership of about (15) fifteen.

At the initial stages of the choir, it ministered in songs only at the Junior Youth Services but with time, the choir started ministering at the adult service monthly. It was later elevated to be a fully-fledged Church Choir, performing during all church activities.

The Choir first Choirmaster was Richard Amanor. The choir attended the District Junior Youth Choir Competition on 12th June 1999 for the first time where it performed wonderfully to the glory of God and admiration of all. The choir continued to grow in grace and strength.

In 2002, the choir was beautifully adorned with a uniform, donated by Madam Patience Lamptey. In the same year, the choir started robbing at the adult service with some of our members in the Junior Youth and others in the Young People’s Guild.

The group received support in learning of Hymns and Anthems, from the former President of the Teshie District Choir Union Mr. Edmund Addokwei, Mr. Francis Dodoo, Aaron Nii Addo Tetteh, and other choristers from Peniel, Paolo Mohenu and Bethlehem congregations in the teaching of hymns and songs.

On 25th December 2006, robs were donated and dedicated to the Choir by Madam Patience Lamptey (Our patron). Another set of robs were donated by member of the church in 2014 to add up to the numbers.

The group’s organizes and attends quarterly and yearly activities such as Hymnal Worship, Road to the Cross, Choral Concerts and Carols Services.

Currently the choir has been able to groom Music Directors, Organists, Conductors and Leaders. Our prayer and goal is to grow and become a Great Model Choir and offer ourselves for the Lord’s work.

For we shall magnify, glorify and exhaust the Lord for his goodness, mercy and grace.