About Us

Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Teshie Nii Jorn Congregation is a church on a mission to glorify God through praise and worship, preaching of the gospel, living a Christ Centered life…

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Who We Are

We are a community who gathers on Sundays and throughout the week to worship, pray, learn, and enjoy the conversation and friendship by sharing the gospel and aiding one…

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Our Church

Being a branch of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Nii Jorn Presby congregation is established on scripture, the power of the Holy Spirit; in the name of Jesus Christ as manifested…

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What We Believe

The Core Values of Presby Nii Jorn describe the kind of people we want to be as we engage in our mission to glorify God, transform lives and impact the world through the gospel…

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“What We Believe”

“As a church, it is important to communicate our beliefs concerning the most important matters..”

— Therefore, we will speak our beliefs with clarity and consistency.

The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, God’s infallible written Word, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that it was uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.

Our Believes

  • The Trinity – God Three in One
  • God The Father
  • God The Son – Jesus Christ
  • God The Holy Spirit
  • The Scriptures – God’s Word To Us
  • Man – God’s Image Bearers
  • The Gospel – Jesus, the Way, The Truth, And The Life
  • Man’s Inheritance through the Gospel
  • Sanctification – Set Apart For A Purpose
  • The Church – Christ’s Body
  • The Ministry and Spiritual Gifts
  • Ordinances Of The Churcht


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